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This program consists of 65 professors from different disciplines across five colleges. These renowned professors are all doctorate degree holders of distinguished research institutes worldwide.

Each professor will take on at 2 Master's students per school year, and supervise them to complete their theses in English.

The course and miscellaneous fees for these selected students will be waived.
They need to pay only the accommodation and personal living expenses. The advising professors will supervise the students to complete their theses in English.

Duration of the Course Master: Two years (4 semesters)
Credits 24 to 30, depending on discipline
Quota 100 positions per year
Eligibility IELTS 6.0 / TOEIC660 / TOEFL ibt 79 and academic results (GPA 3+)

Colleges Number of Advising Professors
Engineering 10
Architecture and Design 16
Computer Science and Informatics 15
Management 13
Tourism 11

The degree obtained depends on the advisor you choose, who would advise you on your course selection and supervise your thesis.

Our program can offer you the following degrees:

College of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering  
M.S. in Computer Science and Information Engineering;
Mechanical Engineering;
Electrical Engineering;
Electronics Engineering
College of Architecture and Design  
M.Arch. in Architecture and Urban Planning;
M.S. in Civil Engineering
College of Management  
M.I.M. in Information Management
M.S. in Industrial Management;
Business Administration;
Transportation Technology and Logistics Management;
Technology Management
College of Tourism  
M.B.A. in Leisure and Recreation Management

*If you are interested in obtaining an M.B.A. degree, you can choose your advisors and courses across the Colleges of Management and Tourism. 

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